“In all my years working with young people, no matter what their problems are, no matter their vices, their addictions, or their beliefs about themselves, there are three things that are clear:

Young men must feel needed, young women must feel nurtured, and together, they must forge the bonds of kinship to make society whole again.”

- Joseph Stong, Co-Founder

“What if we could give them a structure they could use for the rest of their lives and help others with it? What if we could change things up in a program that transforms the way they feel about themselves and the world?”

- Erika Martinez, Founder

who we are

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that serves as a catalyst of change for troubled youth, victims of abuse, and anyone seeking an innovative structure to improve their lives and make a real difference in their communities.

what we do

We are dedicated to providing the alternative education, holistic wellness and faith-based principles that are required to thriving in a world that has largely turned its back on the dispossessed and the disenfranchised. We are focusing on 14-17 year old boys and girls in need of exceptional guidance.

Through the power of God and strong Christian values, we are a group of business leaders and spiritual teachers who have developed a groundbreaking program that enables our youth to "change up" their personal stories, and create a better world for themselves, their families and their peers. We believe in our youth’s positive impact on the world at large.

how we do it

Participants are brought into a 7-week program that introduces them to the foundations of  

trust-building, communication and leadership so they function at their highest capacities as they develop their own visions of the future.

Seeing the world as one’s own self-loving, self-fulfilling creation

Establishing one’s relationship to God & seeing God in All That Is

Developing mental, physical, spiritual & financial fitness

Project Pillars

The time to reinvest in our youth is right now.

Creating a legacy of love, trust and kinship is the key to humanity's future successes.


  • team building
  • discovering leadership
  • establishing goals

activity is the enemy of depression


  • developing personal vision
  • unique world-creation
  • building up self-trust

personal reflection is the opponent of sin


  • being accountable
  • being in service to others
  • clarifying one's true vocation

growth accesses the light within


survival training

life skills development

at-risk prevention

trauma therapy

physical fitness

financial literacy

critical thinking

environmental awareness

cultural awareness

psychospiritual counseling

Going deep and narrow with unique specialties to take charge far and wide.

Building a team of diverse experts with a noble cause.

Faith-Based Principles

Going outside to discover greatness inside.

Returning to nature's providence with God.




  • overcoming fear
  • transcending victimhood
  • healing by achieving
  • prayers in nature
  • mastery of physical reality
  • appreciating abundance in life
  • property caretaking
  • self-responsibility & discipline
  • gratitude in good living

A place of love and support is a home of the heart for everyone.

Creating a physical space for personal growth.

Introducing the co-founders.

Erika Martinez

Joseph Stong

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Non-profit & chamber of commerce

Marketing web & graphic designer

Featured speaker at Catholic retreats



Former Legionary of Christ

25 years operating non-profits

Millions raised in Catholic donations



Globally recognized business leader

Entrepreneur + humanitarian

Visiting adjunct @ USC & Claremont



Outreach & Marketing Director
Executive Director
Executive Advisor

Expert representatives.

Tom Zimmer PhD

Fr. Charles Sikorsky LC, JD, JCL

Michael Goshgarian

20+ year veteran of the SEALs, retired captain, USN

+ Representing special forces veterans, mentors, coaches & entrepreneurs

Elected in 2007 as the President of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, now Divine Mercy University

+ Representing multi-disciplinary therapeutic program components

Assistant Professor of Leadership and Outdoor Education & Director of Experiential Leadership Program

+ Representing COR-expeditions for the outdoor and equestrian program components

Foundation veterans dedicated to supporting innovative change.

Introducing our advisory board

Virginia Hickey

Kathy Schiffer

Marcel Donges

Lance Schuttler

Ed Prado

Stefan Sonnenfeld

"I AM"

I AM love

I AM light

I AM unique

I AM creative

I AM possibility

I AM actuality

I AM Divine expression

I AM the master of my own destiny

I AM the way through Christ

I AM all that I AM